„We at N°11 see ourselves as artists, craftsmen, psychologists and best friends all at once. Our main focus is to not give you an ordinary visit to your hairdresser, but to make you happier and even more beautiful with each visit."

Why N°11 ?

Whether „N11“, „Number Eleven“ or „Numero Undici“ - any pronunciation is applicable.

We stand for diversity, multilingualism and a multicultural environment.
That is why we have chosen this name. So we give you the artistic freedom of how you want to name us.

Due to our address „Rotenturmstraße 11“, which is right next to the St. Stephens’ Cathedral, we wanted to incorporate our name with our location.


„With N°11 I want to provide some space for creativity for young talented stylists. I know from my experience, that when I was working for famous hair dressers, I was always behind their shadow and therefore unrecognised. That is why I want to support young and talented artists, who furthermore inspire me through their creativity and skills“.
- Sonja Thoma

Sonja Thoma
Sonja Thoma


At N°11, we have laid a big focus on hygiene, because of the intimate interactions with our clients. We have a designated area in the salon especially to disinfect hair brushes, combs and working tools. 

For hair drying we use ecological disposable one-way cloths which are substantially more hygienic than common towels and additionally it helps us to reduce the CO2 emissions.


Sonja Thoma - Owner / Master Stylist

Sonja Thoma
Sonja Thoma

For years Sonja Thoma has worked as a stylist for many international film & TV productions including various James Bond movies, the model-scouting show „Germany´s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum“ as well as for international TV stars like Nicola Coster-Waldau („Game of Thrones“).

"Invest love in your hair, because they are the crown which you can never take off"

Dejana - Hairstylist / Hairextensions

The more natural the strand effects are the more Dejana likes them. The perfectionist loves loose, unstrained styles. With natural hair extensions - even for condensing - she provides the mane of your dreams. 

"Whether you bleach, dye or cut - at the end of the day self-confidence is the best hairstyle“.

Ines - Hairstylist / Make-Up

A hairstylist with an eye for beauty. Ines loves voluminous and glamorous stylings. Besides dreamy cuts, strands and beautiful hairdos, she also acts as a wonderful make-up artist.

„Life is too short for boring hair.“

Bianca - Trainee

"If a woman is getting a short haircut, she is changing not only her hair but also herself"

Janina - Trainee

"It is absolutely fine if you are crazy about hair"

Lisa - CEO

Sonja's daughter, Lisa is a Master of Science in Luxury Brand Communication, a hobby photographer and video blogger at and

"My hair reflects my soul. They are soft, they are crazy, tenacious, complicated, strained but also seductive - thats why I love them“.